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Delicious food can also be healthy

A major new campaign has been launched by Diabetes UK. which aims to get people thinking healthily & creatively in the kitchen.  The campaign, called The Food You Love, will shine the spotlight on 5 people who have not let living with diabetes become a barrier to their love of cooking or to enjoying delicious meals.

Over the course of the campaign, they will share their healthy versions of some of the nation’s favourite recipes like fish & chips and apple strudel.  Alongside these recipes & video tutorials, people who sign up will also receive healthy eating tips, meal planners and more, to help you enjoy the food you love, only healthier.

Bob Swindell is one of the stars of the campaign and became a champion of healthy eating after being diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes.  Since his diagnosis, he has lost more than 50kg through healthy eating and a new found love of running - which has seen him compete in several marathons and even begin training to become an England Athletics coach.

Some of the UK’s best known celebrity chefs are lending their support to the campaign, with Prue Leith sharing her recipe for Ajiaco-Colombian chicken & potato soup and Ella Woodward offering her recipe for Chilli & Ginger Pho.

To watch Bob’s video and to hear more about his and the other participants’ experience of diabetes, sign up for The Food You Love between 22 May & 30 July 2017.
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