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Discharged patients then become responsibility of / burden on GPs

NHS England recently agreed new steps to implement plans to ‘strengthen general practice, ease the pressure on GPs and improve services for patients’.  The measures aim to help struggling GP practices, protect GPs from the rising cost of negligence claims and introduce new models of care that will create more joined-up services.  It follows the publications in April 2016 of The General Practice Forward View, a 5-year programme that aims to put General Practice on a sustainable footing for the future.

This support will include practical help to stabilise practices under most pressure and for those practices with workforce issues.  This will include access to specialist support on HR, IT, staffing & practice management. Importantly the offer is not conditional on matched funding.  NHS England’s local teams will manage the funding as it will allow support to be developed & targeted more closely to practices or groups of practices where support is needed most.

Practices can now register Expressions of Interest in joining a local Time for Care programme as part of the £30m general practice development programme.  National expertise & resources will be available for every practice in the country to have a 9-12 month series of workshops, learning sessions and agreed action plans. These activities will help practices to implement their plans to help release capacity and work together at scale, enable self-care, introduce new technologies and make best use of the wider workforce, so freeing up GP time and improving access to services.  Previous experience shows that most practices could expect to release about 10% of GP time over the 9-12 month period.

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