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Editorial Comment:
Even if the Government ‘get the policy(s) right’, poor communication & implementation often limits their success

A selection of Parliamentary Committee reports recently published illustrates the fact that what a government aims to achieve with its policies may start out with ‘good intentions’, but all too frequently end up only being partially successful when it comes to implementation, often because of poor communication.

*’From taxi drivers refusing to take disabled people, to "disgraceful" accessibility at sports grounds, to pubs & clubs failing to provide disabled toilets’, a House of Lords Select Committee report, entitled 'The Equality Act 2010: the impact on disabled people', says practice in all areas must be improved.
PC&PE:  Government inaction is failing disabled people

*The Work and Pensions Committee has published the Government's response to its report on the Local welfare safety net.
PC&PE:  Gaps in welfare safety net still pose risk Committee says

*A Public Accounts Committee report concludes that companies carrying out health & disability assessments are still failing to meet acceptable performance standards.
PC&PE:  Assessments system still failing claimants & taxpayers

*A Work & Pensions Committee's report says the UK Government should follow the lead of ScotGov and conduct a broad review of burials, cremations & funerals, with a view to making changes that have a long-term impact on funeral inflation & reduce funeral poverty.
PC&PE:  State bereavement support "opaque & outdated" report finds

*With weeks to go before the introduction of the New State Pension, the Work & Pensions Committee says the realities of the impact of the policy on different groups have been poorly communicated to the point where even those who will be better off - and many will - do not necessarily know that.
PC&PE:  Communication failings leave new state pensioners uncertain ~ NAO:  The impact of state pension reforms on people with Guaranteed Minimum Pensions

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