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Editorial Commentary:  Brexit may prove beneficial, but it's more complicated than you think

Ministers have been told to ‘Get on with Brexit’ so, in about 2019, we will be able to start re-creating our Fishing industry!  We will just reclaim our 200 mile maritime zone and fishermen from the Shetlands to Land’s End will be able to revitalise the industry as Ministers implement plans to Brexit.

Well in part that is true, but ‘The Devil is in the Detail’ as it will take time to not only ‘unravel’ the EU fishing agreements, but also to negotiate with countries such as Iceland, the Faroes and Norway with whom the EU has made agreements on our behalf.  Then there are some small ‘details’ such as Gibraltar (where Spanish fishermen already dispute coastal fishing right) and the Channel Islands (disputes with French Fishermen).

Just to add a ‘touch of spice’ to the negotiations it could be that continued fishing rights are traded for ‘Financial Services Passporting’.  Well, ScotGov’s FM has said she wants to maintain links with the EU and maintain tariff free access to its markets in the EU and it wouldn’t be the first time the ‘Bankers’ have been prioritised over other groups interests!

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