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Everybody has their say on Budget 2016
Contributions from; Government(s) & Departments, LGA, CAB, Assorted Think Tanks, CBI, TUC, FDA, etc.
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HM Treasury:  Budget 2016 - George Osborne's speech

HMT:  Budget 2016 - some of the things we've announced

Scottish Secretary:  Budget – key points for Scotland

ScotGov:  UK indecision biggest risk to O&G jobs

ScotGov:  £1bn UKG Budget hit for Scotland

Wales Office:  Chancellor sets out a Budget that delivers for Wales' next generation

HMT:  Chancellor’s Budget delivers for Northern Ireland

DH/PHE:  Levy on high sugar drinks: PHE statement

BIS:  Full steam ahead for Midlands Engine, as Business Secretary confirms Budget support to drive growth for the region

Defra:  £700m boost for flood defences brings £150m more for Yorkshire & Cumbria

LGA:  Councils respond to extra £700m funding for flood defences in Budget 2016

LGA:  Extra powers over local services needed, councils tell Chancellor ahead of budget

LGA responds to academy school reports about plans to convert all schools to academy status

LGA:  Budget 2016: Councils respond to homelessness measures

LGA responds to Budget 2016

LGA responds to sugar levy on soft drinks

LGA responds to removal of war pension 'penalty' for veterans

techUK:  Budgeting for a Better Financial Services

Citizens Advice response to Budget 2016

techUK:  Budgeting for Broadband

techUK:  2016 Budget announcements on data science, autonomous vehicles & 5G

IFS:   Budget 2016

IPPR:  Budget 2016 - Further social security cuts for disabled & low income families fund regressive tax cuts

IPPR:  Budget 2016 - Giving schools more independence won’t fix the urgent need to raise standards

IPPR Budget 2016: Public sector pensions savings will make it harder for schools & hospitals to balance their books

IPPR Budget 2016: ‘Help to save’ scheme: new scheme needs to be accessible to the poorest to be effective

IPPR:  Further cuts to government spending to make the sums add up are damaging Britain’s economy

IPPR North Budget reaction: Northern Powerhouse, business rates, devolution, schools

IPPR Scotland:  Oil & gas – help today welcomed, help tomorrow needed

The Adam Smith Institute’s reaction to the 2016 Budget

NIESR Comment on 2016 Budget

IEA’s response to Budget 2016

JRF:  Chancellor's Budget giveaways failed to support an all-out assault on poverty

NLGN:  Simon Parker response to the budget

Demos Responds to the 2016 Budget

The King's Fund responds to the 2016 Budget

TUC: Downgrades of growth & wages shows this is no budget for the next generation

CBI: Budget 2016

CIPD:  Budget 2016: Chancellor’s ‘forgotten workforce’ fuels Britain’s productivity problem

FDA:  Smoke & mirrors Budget is a political con trick that doesn’t match commitment to resources

Homeless Link:  New homelessness measures could have a huge impact

WWF Response to The Budget

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