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Evidently UK Government has ‘done nothing’ to address these issues and apparently parents have ‘no responsibility’ for the health & welfare of THEIR children!

The UK is lagging behind other rich countries in reducing inequality in child well-being, with concerning gaps in health, education, and income, according to a new report from Unicef.   Report Card 13 reveals just how far the most disadvantaged children in the UK are being left to fall behind.

One of the key areas of concern is the disparity in healthy behaviours among children. Of all the countries studied, the UK has the largest difference in the levels of healthy eating (consumption of fruit & vegetables) between children from low & high socio-economic status, along with one of the largest gaps in the levels of physical activity.

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Editorial Note:  Perhaps we should divert some of the £bns of UK Foreign Aid to improve the lives of UK children if the situation is as bad as they say?  Pity they didn’t consult our database to see what UK government(s) have already done / tried before writing report!

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