General Reports and Other Publications (Archive)

Audit Scotland sets out lessons learned from public sector ICT projects

ScotGov:  Scottish Survey of Literacy & Numeracy (SSLN) 2016 (Literacy) – (ScotGov:  Quarterly National Accounts Scotland, 2016 Q4)

WAG:  Report on Wales’ future landscapes published

IFS:  Free school meals for all primary pupils: Projections from a pilot – (IFS:  Labour’s proposed boost to education spending)

CIPD publishes ‘Manifesto for Work’ ahead of General Election

RUSI:  Britain’s General Elections and Brexit - First Salvoes or Just Firing Blanks? – (RUSI:  Emmanuel Macron’s Electoral Victory: Now the Hard Work Begins)

Open Europe:  Germany welcomes President Macron with caution

IEA:  Labour’s advertising restrictions will do nothing to tackle childhood obesity – (IEA:  Incoherent Labour tax plans beset with problems ~  IEA:  Labour’s plan for higher business taxes “a big step backwards” ~ IEA:  UK is second worst country in the EU for nanny state interference)

IEA:  Energy price cap will not guarantee lower bills ~ Adam Smith Inst:  Theresa May's energy price cap will backfire

IPPR North:  England’s new Metro Mayors must unite with Sadiq Khan to demand fresh powers – (IPPR Scotland:  Skills reform needed as HALF of Scottish jobs at risk from automation, leading think-tank warns)

NEF:  Britain’s real top earner is property, new research shows

CSJ:  The manifesto is the PM's opportunity to support families

NIESR: 'UK GDP expected to grow at 1.7% this year and 1.9% in 2018' – (NIESR: 'World economy expected to grow 3.3% in 2017 and 3.6% in 2018' ~ NIESR: The Economic Landscape of the UK ~ NIESR: Inequality Social Mobility and the New Economy ~ NIESR: GDP slows to 0.2% in 3 months ending in April 2017)

JRF:  Challenge for new metro mayors to ensure everyone benefits from economic growth

NLGN:   A Change-making vision for local government

TechnologyOne knows UK Fire and Rescue