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Good concept let down by poor implementation?

The NAO reported on the Cabinet Office’s Next Generation Shared Services strategy in 2014, which included the creation of 2 independent shared service centres to provide back-office functions for up to 14 departments & their arm’s-length bodies.  The report found that while the 2 centres have led to some cost savings, the programme is not progressing as planned.

Most departments which planned to outsource functions to 1 of the 2 centres have successfully done so. The centres have delivered overall savings of £90m to customers in the first two & a half years of operation with costs of £94m. These savings are less than the £128m a year originally forecast because some departments have not outsourced and transformed their back-office functions as planned. The Cabinet Office currently estimates that the 2 contracts will generate savings of £484m in total by 2023-24 at a cost of £159m.

The report found that due to delays in designing, building & testing the systems, only 2 of the 26 planned customers have joined a single operating platform.  On one of the centres, 4 customers have exited their contracts.  The report has found that weaknesses in the programme design undermined its success.  The Cabinet Office did not secure sufficient buy-in from departments at an early stage of the programme.

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