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Hospitals must understand that they have a duty of care for Body AND Mind

A major review of dementia care by the Care Quality Commission says the unacceptable gap in the quality of care means it is likely that someone living with dementia will experience poor care as they move between care homes and hospitals.  The report says the variation in how care is assessed, planned, delivered & monitored by hospitals & care homes puts people living with dementia at risk of experiencing poor care.

It found when people are admitted to hospital via A&E there is too much focus on a person's physical health needs.  There is also poor sharing of information between health professionals, people living with dementia in care homes & hospitals may not be able to tell staff about their pain and there is a lack of understanding and knowledge of dementia care by staff.

The report adds that supporting both the physical health & mental wellbeing of a person – as well as managing known risks such as falls & urinary tract infections – can help reduce avoidable admissions to hospital and unnecessary long stays in hospital.

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