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In it for the ‘Long Haul’

Britain will expand its efforts to combat dementia over the next 5 years the PM said recently as he set out a new, long-term strategy ‘focused on boosting research, improving care and raising public awareness about the condition’.

Britain has emerged as the world leader in fighting dementia since 2010 with investment in research doubled, hundreds of thousands of NHS staff given specialist training and 1m ‘Dementia Friends’ taking part in awareness sessions across the country.  The PM’s Challenge on Dementia 2020 is the next phase in the country’s effort to combat the condition and includes:

  • Over £300m invested in UK research
  • New global fund on dementia
  • 1m NHS staff trained
  • 3 more ‘Dementia Friends’
  • Faster assessments, better care for all
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