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Independence for Scotland just doesn’t add up

Government Expenditure and Revenue Scotland (GERS) 2014-15 has been announced by Scotland’s Chief Statistician.

*Scottish total public sector revenue (including an illustrative geographic share of North Sea revenue) is estimated at £53.4bn (8.2% of UK public sector revenue).

*Total expenditure for the benefit of Scotland by the ScotGov, UK Government, and all other parts of the public sector was £68.4bn (9.3% of total UK public sector expenditure - £12,800 per person, which is £1,400 per person greater than the UK average.

Net Fiscal Balance 2014-15:

  • Including an illustrative geographic share of North Sea revenue, was a deficit of £14.9bn (9.7% of GDP).
  • For the UK, was a deficit of £89bn (4.9% of GDP).
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And it will be the English taxpayer who has to pay for setting it up & funding those ‘flexibilities’

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