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Just throwing money at the problem doesn’t work; co-ordinated action is what gets results

Plans to do more to get some of England’s hardest to help families back to work have been announced.  The communities and work & pensions secretaries are to more than double the number of specialist employment advisers in the government’s expanded Troubled Families programme.

The new £10m investment will build on the success of the current programme which has now seen over 8,000 members of troubled families hold down a job for 3 months or more, a 6-fold increase on the previous year.  In total over 85,000 families with an average of 9 serious problems have had their lives turned around, with children back in school, youth crime & anti-social behaviour significantly reduced and the £9bn annual cost to the taxpayer down too.

From April 2015 the programme will be expanded to work with a further 400,000 families and tackle a wider range of problems such as mental health, debt & domestic violence, as well as an additional focus on families with children under 5.

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