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Less & less ‘Water, Water Everywhere’

Businesses must secure their future by addressing the mounting global water crisis, experts said at the launch of WWF-UK’s report ‘From Risk to Resilience: Does your business know its water risk?’  UK industry is being urged to assess supply chains both within the UK & internationally to discover where they might be at risk of water scarcity, poor water quality or reputational damage associated with their use of water.

Industries affected are numerous & varied, from textiles to beverages, food to pharmaceuticals. About 40% of UK imports (by value) come from countries that have hot spots of high water risk, with some industries such as textiles more exposed than others. In fact, 80% of all UK imports (by value) face at least a moderate level of water risk.

Closer to home, latest Environment Agency figures show that just 17% of England’s rivers are in good ecological health – with a third of the pressures causing failure attributed to agricultural impacts, closely associated with the production of food & drink.

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