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Let’s hope ‘pooling’ works better for the NHS than for the euro group

A new report commissioned by the Local Government Association (LGA) and based on sector views, proposes to the Government to use next month's Budget to divert £1.3bn into a transformation fund each year until 2019/20, equalling a fund of £5.2bn by the end of the decade, to develop a new health & social care system.

The report identifies the significant contribution that preventative measures can make.  For example, spending just £1 on local friendship networks can save almost 4 times that amount on mental health services whilst £1 spent on school-based smoking & bullying prevention can save as much as £15.  The report also recommends that the transformation fund should be supported by a pooled health & social care budget of at least £6.6bn in 2016/17, eventually leading to the pooling of all money for health & social care.

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