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Like plastic bags, England follows their lead

The PM has announced the intention to launch a public consultation on increasing rates of organ donation.  The proposals will include a new opt-out system for organ donation for England.  The consultation will be launched by the end of the year.

In 2016 to 2018 there were 1,169 deceased organ donors and 3,293 transplants in England.  While this was the highest ever rate of organ donation, there are still more people waiting for transplants than there are organs available.  It means some people die before a suitable organ becomes available.

There are particularly long waiting times for those in black & minority ethnic (BAME) communities.  Consent rates for organ donation are also low in these communities, at around 35% compared to 66% in the white population.

Under the current system, anyone wishing to donate their organs has to opt in via the registration & organ donor card scheme run by NHS Blood and Transplant.  A family member can also agree to the donation of organs if the person had not made their wishes known.

The consultation will outline ways to increase rates of organ donation and propose a new approach where every person would be deemed to have given consent unless they choose to opt out.
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