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‘Limited room at the Inn’

On 1 January 2016, the population of the EU was estimated at 510.1m, compared with 508.3m on 1 January 2015.  During the year 2015, almost 5.1m babies were born in the EU, while more than 5.2m persons died, meaning that the EU recorded for the first time ever a negative natural change of its population.  The remainder of the change (positive) is driven mainly by net migration.

The most populated EU Member States continue to be Germany (82.2m residents – 138,000sq km), France (66.7m – 210,000sq km), the UK (65.3m – 93,000sq km) and Italy (60.7m – 116,000sq km). Together, they are home to more than half of the EU population.

Editor’s Note: This helps explain why most of the other 27 members of the EU don’t ‘understand’ the UK’s desire/need to curb migration.  In the UK births exceed deaths, so unlimited migration is a problem, especially when you factor in the relative size of the UK compared to say France & Germany.  We certainly don’t need to be ‘assigned’ additional migrants by Brussels!

One last point related to population statistics, remembering the accusations about the Remain campaign’s £350m pw EU contribution claim.  Better in were always claiming we would lose access to 500m+ consumers in the single market, which ignores the fact that the UK makes up 65.3m of that number!  So both sides were claiming a gross figure and it was a case of the ‘Pot calling the kettle black!

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