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Makes Osborne’s ‘Brexit makes every household £4,300 worse off’ seem piddling

The government’s total liabilities, better understood as ‘debts waiting to happen’, are even larger than its mammoth public debt at £1.85tn, according to a new investigative paper from the Adam Smith Institute.  This is on top of the national debt and the ASI warns that feckless government risks burdening our grandchildren with a mammoth public pensions bill.

  • National liabilities of £1.85tn out-strip the national debt by £250bn but are concealed by government
  • Two-thirds of national liabilities made up of unsustainable public sector pensions
  • 93% of public sector pensions currently unfunded, with no government money put aside to pay £1.3tn of inevitable debt
  • 45% of student loans predicted to be a write-off by Department of Business, Innovation & Skills, forcing the taxpayer to fund vanity degrees
  • Real cost of debt to every man, woman and child in the UK £53,822 each
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