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 More contributions following EU Referendum

Still a ‘hot topic’, with widely spread views, for those who put fingers to keyboard in order to ‘share their views’:

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UK Government:
Home Office:  Statement on the status of EU nationals in the UK

BIS:  Life sciences: a new relationship with the EU

LGA: Councils must have leading role in EU exit negotiations

DCMS:  UK & France join forces to explore innovative use of data

EU population up to slightly over 510m at 1 January 2016… despite a first ever negative natural change

UK referendum shows EU must do more to rebuild citizens’ trust

ScotGov, Wales & NI:
ScotGov:  Call for new PM to honour fair work principles

WAG:  Finance Ministers to meet in Cardiff to discuss implications of EU referendum

WAG:  Finance ministers meeting - Devolved administrations ask Chancellor for talks on Brexit

WAG:  EU health & social care staff make huge contribution and are extremely valued, say Welsh Health Ministers

Think Tanks, etc.:
IFG:  A Ministry for Brexit may not be the best option

TUC:  European trade unions and TUC commit to protect workers in Brexit negotiations

JRF:  UK government needs a plan to boost poorest regions following Brexit

IPPR proposes emergency brake on free movement as it sets Brexit options for Theresa May

IFS:  Sterling’s slide is not good news, despite what some will tell you

CSJ Britain will remain a divided nation unless the next Prime Minister reaches out to the ‘have nots’, warn two top think tanks

Governance, Risk and Compliance: Creating an Effective Business Case for a GRC Platform