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More items giving advice on how to ‘shut the stable door to prevent more horses escaping’ and ICO reminder that there is a legal requirement to ‘lock it’

The ICO has released a statement concerning the recent cyber attacks on the NHS:  “All organisations are required under the Data Protection Act to keep people’s personal data safe & secure. ….. we note that NHS England have said they have no evidence that patient data has been accessed. ……. Any appropriate next steps for the ICO will be decided once …..  initial enquiries are complete”. …….  “The ICO has published a useful blog on their website about how to prevent ransomware attacks”.

UK businesses are reportedly being forced to shut down after being held hostage by ransomware.   One report suggested that 54% of UK businesses have been targeted with a ransomware attack, prompting more than a third of them to lose revenue and many to close completely.

The second PR below says; ‘Here at the ICO we want to help businesses prevent ransomware attacks, thus keeping people’s information secure and also avoiding financial and reputational damage. 

Here are some top tips for organisations on preventing & recovering from a ransomware attack, as recommended in the ICO’s Guide to IT Security, the government’s Cyber Essentials and 10 Steps to Cyber Security.   The NCA have also published guidance on this topic.  The tips are also a good starting point for people wanting to protect their home systems because these can also be vulnerable to ransomware attacks’
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