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Most jobs DON’T & WON’T require a Degree, but they will be ‘backed’ by qualifications

To mark VQ Day 2014, a new report from the Institute of Public Policy Research has investigated the changing landscape of the workforce.  It says that - by 2022 - 9 out of 10 most in-demand occupations of the future will be attained by completing vocational qualifications.  It has been estimated that 3.6m vacancies will become available over the next decade and many of the jobs expected to drive economic growth & mobility will be accessible with a vocational qualification. 

The most in-demand occupations will all be in health & care as a result of our ageing population with the report revealing that an additional 3m more health & care workers are going to be needed to look after people in hospitals, care homes & the community.  And nearly a quarter of a million jobs for ‘associate professionals’ people with level 4 qualifications such as Foundation Degrees and Higher Apprenticeships.

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Accreditation: Delivering Confidence in the provision of energy

Download the brochure now....

Yesterday (9th June 2014) marked World Accreditation Day, an initiative to promote the benefits of standards and accreditation to policy makers and regulators around the world.  The focus this year is on the role accreditation plays in providing confidence in the provision of energy.

A brochure has been produced to show how standards and accreditation are being used to deliver policy objectives in both traditional and renewable sources of energy.

Download the brochure to find out how policy makers have been able to:

  • reduce costs by targeting inspections more reliably and effectively.
  • moderate the need for additional legislation, as well as reducing the risk of unintended consequences.
  • verify the accurate calculation of taxation revenue.
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