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NHS IT:  Older, Fatter, and Twisted
The Unsustainable Status Quo
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We’ve all read the headlines: with the population growing and the rising costs of 21st century ailments, the National Health Service will not be able to keep up under the strain. The same afflictions could be attributed to the UK National Health Service IT structure. Old database technologies, paper documentation, and disconnected information systems will also buckle under the weight without sufficient investment.  Without a drastic life change, the health services that the UK has proudly benefited from will perish.

In the month prior to the due date for the submission of the Digital Maturity Self-Assessment, Optimity Advisors conducted a survey with Health Care Providers, local health authorities and Clinical Commissioning Groups across the major regions of England including Ireland and Scotland.  The findings are illuminating.

This paper provides a peek into the state of health of the NHS Information Technology systems and offers a diagnosis for its sustainability and longevity.

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