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North of England to ‘forge’ development of new industries

The Chancellor has welcomed plans for a potential major new National Institute for Materials Research & Innovation.  Central to the plan is the opportunity to build on the north’s expertise in materials science – the development of super lightweight, strong & flexible materials that have applications across a range of industries.

Recent breakthroughs include safer nuclear fuels that can operate at high temperatures helping to prevent nuclear disasters such as Fukushima; a super strong steel replacement that can operate at extreme pressure allowing access to hard to reach oil & gas reserves; and biodegradable implants that dissolve safely in the body for use in reconstruction surgery – particularly for burns and cleft lip and palate treatment – vastly improving results and reducing discomfort.

The Chancellor also announced that The University of Manchester is to build a £60m Graphene Engineering Innovation Centre (GEIC), which will complement and build on the UK National Graphene Institute, also located at The University of Manchester and which is nearing completion.

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