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Not only could it cost you a fortune, your organisation could be crippled as well

The Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) has published a new security report highlighting 8 of the most common IT security vulnerabilities that have resulted in organisations failing to keep people’s information secure. The flaws were identified during the ICO’s investigations into data breaches caused by poor IT security practices. 

Many of these incidents have led to serious security breaches resulting in the ICO issuing monetary penalties totalling almost a million pounds. The breaches could have been avoided if the standard industry practices highlighted in today’s report were adopted.

They include the £200,000 penalty issued to the British Pregnancy Advice Service after the details of service users were compromised due to the insecure collection & storage of the information on their website, and the £250,000 fine issued to Sony Computer Entertainment Europe after the company failed to keep its software up to date, leading to the details of millions of customers being compromised during a targeted attack.

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