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Pleas in for Budget Day!

The LGA has responded to NHS England CE Simon Stevens’ speech to the NHS Providers conference.

There cannot be a sustainable NHS without a sustainable adult social care system.  Adult social care services provide invaluable care & support for older & disabled people. 

Investing in social care keeps people out of hospital and living independent, dignified lives at home and in the community.  It is the single best investment to alleviate pressure on our vital NHS services.  Social care services face an annual funding gap of £2.3bn by 2020.  Councils have long-argued that it is a false economy to pump money into the NHS whilst leaving social care chronically underfunded.

While local government will have managed reductions to its core funding from central government totalling £16bn between 2010 and 2020, we estimate that NHS spending will have increased by just under £20bn over the same period”.

Editorial commentary on Simon Stevens’ Brexit Bus speech to the NHS Providers conference:
  • David Cameron’s government supported ‘Remain’ and did NOT promise £350m per week to the NHS
  • Brexit has not happened yet so the UK’s EU contribution still has to go the Brussels until at least April 2019
  • Mrs May’s (who voted ‘Remain’) government has been careful not to say how the EU contribution would be ‘spread’ over infrastructure, NHS, Local Government & social care, Defence, Education, Agriculture, Housing, R&D, Prisons. etc. – all of whom need extra funding
  • Why are there still huge variations in the prices paid for basic equipment by different Trusts?
Is it time for the NHS to stop writing prescriptions for ‘over the counter’ medicines such as aspirin?
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