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RUSI Briefing Paper - An Opportunity to Rebalance the UK’s Military Commitments

With Article 50 now triggered, RUSI experts outline what they will be looking for during the Brexit process

The triggering of Article 50 should see the start of a clear-headed analysis of UK military priorities.  In withdrawing from the EU, the UK MoD can start to acknowledge security Alliances with funded activity at scale, returning attention & focus to NATO and other defence relationships where the UK has formal obligations & responsibilities (the Five Powers Defence Agreement to name but one).  

Many of these commitments have been neglected over the past decade to meet a political requirement for activity around the Common Security & Defence Policy that demonstrated Britain’s leading European military role.  Rebalancing the UK’s military commitments is an opportunity to alter the current disparity between resources & commitments. This happens as the potential constitutional make-up of Britain comes under threat, with very serious implications for the nation’s defence and security.

The impact of negotiations on the UK’s involvement with the European Defence Agency and Organisation for Joint Armament Cooperation will also be assessed over this period.  The opportunity for the UK is to be the bridge between the ‘Five Eyes’ world, the Europe of the 27 and a number of bilateral arrangements.
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