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Recognising most ICT managers are not computer security experts

Help shape the NCSC website for anyone with responsibility for their company's IT estate, not just for cyber specialists.  They need volunteers, from small enterprises of 1 - 250 people, who are responsible for managing or implementing the IT or online digital services for their company.  They need them to help them test various aspects of the initial National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC) website.

The NCSC will be serving a broad community of users.  It is therefore important that for this particular round of testing the volunteers aren't cyber security specialists, and that the SME's they represent are not in the IT or cyber security business.

Testing will be conducted in London on 8 July and will take about an hour to complete.  Volunteers will be asked to complete a series of tasks during which time they will be encouraged to think out loud & give their opinions on their experience of using the site.  Facilitators will be there to observe, listen & take notes and are likely to ask our testers further questions. The goal of the test is to identify any usability problems, collect qualitative & quantitative data and determine our volunteer's satisfaction with the usability of the initial NCSC website.

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