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Remember the days of Sandwich courses and Day release / Evening Classes?

CIPD research suggests that for too many jobs the cost of university outweighs the economic benefits, and that the prevailing rhetoric on the need to get more & more young people into university needs to change. 

The report by the CIPD finds that, for a wide range of occupations which have seen significant increases in graduate rates over the last 35 years, alternative vocational routes into employment are both possible & less costly, with a smaller proportion of this lower cost falling on the learner.

The Alternative pathways into the labour market report is published at a time when the average student is now leaving university with £44,000 of debt and, even by the Government’s own estimates, 45% of the value of student loans will not be repaid.  The report calls into question the continued focus on the ‘graduate premium’, with previous CIPD research showing that more than half of graduates were working in non-graduate jobs after they left university.  Furthermore, Brexit makes it even more important that the UK’s investment in education & skills delivers value for learners, employers and the economy.

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