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Slavery will always exist as long as one person can control another by ‘force’

New research estimates there are between 10,000 – 13,000 potential victims of slavery in the UK.  The figure is the first scientific estimate of the full scale of modern slavery and is contained in a wide-ranging strategy published by the Home Office.  The Modern Slavery Strategy sets out co-ordinated action across government departments, agencies & law enforcement in the UK and internationally to tackle slavery, in addition to the legislative measures being introduced through the Modern Slavery Bill.

The strategy builds on the frameworks used to counter terrorism and fight organised crime.  It sets out how we will:

  • pursue the organised criminals and opportunistic individuals behind the modern-day slave trade
  • prevent people from engaging in modern slavery crime
  • protect vulnerable people by raising awareness & protecting them from becoming victims in the first place
  • prepare better for when these crimes do take place, to reduce the harm they cause, through improved identification and enhanced support & protection for victims
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