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Some of us remember when ‘electoral data’ was a combination of paper copies of the electoral roll and ‘door knocking research’

In March 2017 the ICO announced they were conducting an assessment of the data protection risks arising from the use of data analytics, including for political purposes.

Given the big data revolution it is understandable that political campaigns are exploring the potential of advanced data analysis tools to help win votes.  This is a complex & rapidly evolving area of activity and the level of awareness among the public about how data analytics works, and how their personal data is collected, shared & used through such tools, is low.  

What is clear is that these tools have a significant potential impact on individuals’ privacy.  It is important that there is greater & genuine transparency about the use of such techniques to ensure that people have control over their own data and the law is upheld.  Having considered the evidence the ICO has already gathered, a formal investigation into the use of data analytics for political purposes has been opened.
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