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The Infrastructure and Projects Authority (IPA) has launched new content for the Project Initiation Routemap (PIR) for improving the delivery of major projects.  The PIR is a strategic tool that allows sponsors & clients to address the problems that commonly emerge at the beginning of major projects, setting themselves up to succeed.

It forms part of the government’s National Infrastructure Delivery Plan, which sets out how the government will deliver key projects & programmes over the next 5 years.  Over 20 major projects, and programmes including Crossrail and Anglian Water’s Alliance Strategy, have undergone routemap assessments, helping to drive their successful delivery.

The launch includes 2 new modules on risk management and asset management, to complement the 5 existing modules. The risk management module will help project leaders identify and mitigate the factors that can prevent a project from meetings its objectives. The asset management module will help projects secure the best value for taxpayers and investors by ensuring they focus on managing assets across their whole lives.

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