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Tackling the ‘Dark Side’ of social media in schools

10,000 fewer pupils are being bullied every day than 10 years ago, a major new study of secondary school pupils has revealed.  Speaking before the start of Anti-Bullying Week, Education Secretary Nicky Morgan praised teachers, charities & parents for their efforts. She also urged them to continue their ‘moral mission’ to further reduce bullying, recognising that many parents consider it their number one concern about what happens at school.

A recent Stonewall report published over the summer also showed that homophobic bullying has fallen, with the number of secondary school teachers who say their pupils are often or very often the victim of homophobic bullying has almost halved since 2009.  To further tackle this, the government announced last month a £2m fund for projects to address homophobic, biphobic and transphobic bullying in schools.

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