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‘Terrorism’ comes in many forms

New measures to help UK businesses face the cyber security challenge and help our cyber security companies tap into the US market have been announced recently, as the PM visited the United States with UK cyber security firms.

New government support to keep UK businesses stay safe in cyberspace includes:

  • a new cyber security envoy has been appointed to help British small businesses and first-time exporters promote their business interests across the US
  • an updated ‘10 Steps to Cyber Security’ guide which shows businesses how to combat cyber threats
  • new research published recently by (BIS which shows top UK companies are improving their responses to cyber threats.  The results of the annual ‘Cyber Governance Health Check’ for FTSE350 companies shows increased awareness and action, along with areas for improvement
  • publication of a new report from GCHQ detailing the common cyber-attacks used against industry by cyber criminals and how to stop them
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