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The more they ‘evade’ the bigger the cuts will have to be

Tax evaders and the professionals who enable tax evasion will face tough new sanctions, including 2 new criminal offences and higher penalties, under a new regime to crack down on offshore evaders.  The details on the new evasion regime & avoidance sanctions are outlined in a report published recently which sets out the government’s approach to tax avoidance & tax evasion.  The government will consult on the detail of the new evasion regime.

Over the course of this Parliament, as a result of actions taken to tackle evasion, avoidance & non-compliance, HMRC will have secured £100bn in additional revenue.  This includes more than £31bn from big businesses, and an extra £1.2bn from the UK’s 6,000 richest people, who each have a net worth of £20m or more.

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