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They know who you are and think they know what you want!

Profiling can be a powerful tool for organisations and can benefit individuals, the economy & society generally.  It can help organisations to understand & target audiences more effectively and is used to make decisions about people, but these can have a significant and sometimes detrimental effect on individuals.  The ICO has published their initial thoughts on ‘profiling’ under the GDPR, which introduces stricter provisions to protect individuals from this type of data processing.

People also often don’t know they are being profiled and therefore have no understanding of how their personal data is being used.

The discussion paper highlights the key areas of profiling the ICO feel need further consideration.  This includes subjects like marketing, the right to object & data minimisation – and they want your feedback.  They would like to hear the views of stakeholders and get examples of best practice before 28 April 2017.
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