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The future is already upon us today in the public sector. We’re at a tipping point where digital is no longer seen as a ‘concept’ – it is part of everything we do. Artificial Intelligence (AI) in the public sector might seem like blue sky thinking to some but automated processes, Chat Bots and other exciting technologies are already being developed and implemented by forward thinking and future savvy organisations. Driving cost savings, efficiencies and, more importantly, improving services.

Customer self-service, processing automation, virtual assistants, chatbots in Customer Services, sensor AI and AI-assisted robotic process automation. They’re all technologies that are happening now but they’ve got ramifications and considerations for tomorrow.

So, what are some of the big challenges we are facing with automation both today and tomorrow and what opportunities could it offer?

Capita’s One takes a look at the future of automation in the public sector – how we can utilise it in our work, how we can support better outcomes when using AI and how this all sits ethically.

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