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We need to encourage & support ‘good’ landlords

The Residential Landlords Association is excited to announce becoming a new informative entry on the WiredGov channel… Let’s make renting better!

The RLA is the leading national association for landlords in England & Wales, representing the views of over 50,000 landlords in their mission to raise the standards of private rented sector properties & tenancy management.

Established in 1998, they provide their members with a range of services, resources, training courses and professional telephone / webchat advice on most areas of property & tenancy management.  They campaign on issues affecting the private rented sector and produce research & evidence through our own research lab (PEARL).

With their addition to the channel, WiredGov is now able to provide a full spectrum of views & information on housing issues as they join the Government(s), LGA, Citizens Advice, Homeless Link, Think tanks, etc. with their contributions to the housing debate.
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