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We seem to have been talking about this for decades
Jeremy Hunt sets out the government’s vision for a patient-led, transparent and safer NHS.
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DH:  Health Secretary sets out ambition for a 21st century NHS

DH:  Making healthcare more human-centred and not system-centred

NHS Confederation welcomes Jeremy Hunt’s focus on a more human centred NHS

NHS England:  Gather all people to help improve the NHS

Sir Bruce Keogh update on review of professional codes of practice

DH:  Jeremy Hunt announces new measures to improve safety across NHS

CQC responds to Secretary of State’s speech

TUC welcomes Pay Review Body views on funding & pay for 7-day NHS

NHS Pay Review Body:  Enabling the delivery of healthcare services every day of the week

techUK launches Interoperability Charter for Health & Social Care

techUK:  Technology branded as ‘Patient Power 2.0’ by Jeremy Hunt

Kings Fund:  New controls unlikely to have much impact on agency spending as NHS heads for financial crunch

Patients set to benefit through fresh boost to innovation

BIA & MHRA publish report following joint conference Pathway of Innovation from Research to Patients

Implementation is always the main issue

Are we prepared to ‘re-slice the revenue cake’ to pay for it

Should the attempted ‘silencing’ (especially in public sector organisations) of Whistle-blowers become a legal offence?

It saves the state £bns

Hospitals are too expensive for anything but specialist ‘non-mobile’ treatment

Remember Staffordshire Hospital

Longer independent living is vital for the NHS funding ‘crisis

‘Reassurance’ is key to their state of mind

Don’t hold your breath waiting for anyone to be held responsible and being ‘Made to Pay’?

NHS must care for patients AND their confidential medical records

Joined-up care by law

Achieving the best outcomes for the NHS requires ‘highlighting the worst’

It is often not the ‘mistake’ that annoys people, but rather the ‘cover-up’ and the reluctance to at least say ‘sorry’

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