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With GDPR coming into force next year ‘effective solutions’ are needed

The Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) has launched a Grants Programme to ‘promote & support independent, innovative research & solutions focused on privacy and data protection issues’.  There will be a number of grants awarded each year.  Awards will be for a minimum £20,000 and a maximum £100,000.

The objectives of the ICO Grants Programme are to:

  • Support & encourage research & privacy enhancing solutions in significant areas of data protection risk, focused on projects that will make a real different to the UK public.
  • Increase awareness of privacy enhancing solutions with data controllers across the UK.
  • Improve understanding of how individuals view privacy issues, interactions with new technologies & promote better public awareness.
  • Promote uptake & application of research results by relevant stakeholders, including policy makers.
  • Develop existing privacy research capacity in academic and not-for-profit sectors.
Proposals do not need to be technology based but must have practical application and provide real world solutions that are of clear public benefit to the UK.
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ICO launches Grants Programme to promote data protection & privacy research

Blog posted by: Elizabeth Denham, Information Commissioner, May 25, 2017

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