An official news channel to the Government Secure Intranet (GSI) since 2001, WiredGov is the No.1 email alerting service for the UK government and public sector providing:

The most comprehensive UK government news service available.


Personally filtered e-mail alert service direct to your desktop, mobile or device.

Delivering 50+ feeds  NOT  available from GOV.UK


Selection by department, agency, key words or key phrases.

Only available archive  of Government announcements from the past 15yrs.


Immediate, daily or weekly delivery options.

*FREE TO THE UK PUBLIC SECTOR, 3rd SECTOR & NATIONAL MEDIA - Under our longstanding government agreement, WiredGov is delivered free all UK public sector subscribers. Simply register and your account will go live immediately.

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This is a great service which saves me lots of time by capturing relevant and interesting content in an easy to digest format. I would highly recommend.
David Dean, Communications Specialist, Socitm
WiredGov enables me to find out the news I require to know in a timely and convenient manner.  It facilitates me to scan the relevant news based on my preferences.  The weekly e-mail is one of the first I read on a Monday morning and allows me to be fully aware of all relevant news, helping me carry out my job more efficiently.  I highly recommend it!
Lamine Lachhab, Business Support and Improvement Office and Stakeholder Engagement, National Records of Scotland
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