I have been using this subscription service for more than 2.5 years.  I find it exceptionally useful, reliable and accurate.
From my single account I regularly update between 12-25 people.

Anthony Rabbitt,
Defence Attaché, British Embassy

Although we should be informed through formal channels, WiredGOV is often the only way we hear and even if we are formally notified, this often follows what I have already found from WiredGOV. A very valuable service.

Lieutenant-General Louis Lillywhite,
Surgeon General, Ministry of Defence

WiredGOV is used for training and briefing directly on wider issues which may (or may not) affect Departmental business.
It is of direct benefit to my self (i.e. my research).
Selected items from WiredGOV are retained and reviewed for future relevance.
The service fulfils an important need if you are a civil servant, who has to deal with external issues,

Gavin Ogilvie,
Ministry of Defence

Excellent service and a good way of keeping up on headline initiatives across other government departments

James Young,
Science Innovation and Technology, MOD

I thoroughly appreciate my WiredGov account. Very often it is the first stage at which I am alerted to policy developments – and I find that other sources come up with the same data days (or even weeks) later. I have found several times that I am ahead of the game as a result of downloading information from my account.

I pass on information to a team of 15-20 people.
I Can’t actually think of many ways that you could improve the service – it is very good already.
Many thanks for the service – it is excellent!

Dr Jilly Hall,
Regional Policy and Evidence Adviser, Regional Advocacy and Partnership Team, Natural England

I found out about this service through someone who works in the utilities industry.  It is an excellent service with up to date information which is highly valuable.

Kalpana Majithia,
Learning and Skills Council

We use the service as part of our alerting service which we provides for about 130 targeted key officers. These are then appropriately cascaded to other staff. We are in the process of setting up an intranet page to make the service more accessible. It will then be available organisation wide.

Elaine Woods,
EIS Manager

I'm a single user account holder, who, whenever I see something of interest, will forward a press notice to colleagues (sometimes a single person; sometimes a network of about 20 users across London who themselves might cascade the item). I'm also an enthusiastic salesperson for WiredGov within the academic / FE / schools communities within London. Your service is reliable, of known dimensions, and gives me control over the content which I receive. Everything that spam isn't. My thanks to the anonymous WiredGov team!

John Hall,
Director, Institute of Education, University of London

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