industry news Wednesday 12 Jul 2017 @ 13:15 Are we there yet?’ Why the future of mobility is drawing near


TRL has today published a far-reaching paper exploring the timings of autonomous driving and when Autonomous Vehicles (AVs) will become a common sight on UK’s roads.The comprehensive paper covers the full breadth of issues that need to be addressed as the UK enters a new era of mobility. The issues include self-driving cars, ultra-low emission vehicles, infrastructure, connectivity, data gathering and use, and the potential role of artificial intelligence.

While many companies and organisations are focused on individual challenges that future mobility will bring, ts report places them into context and outlines the entire landscape of what the next generation of transport may look like.

For example, while there’s a great deal on what mobility may look like for current road users, there is less attention on what mobility means for older travellers and the benefits autonomous vehicles could bring them. The Transport 2020 report pulls together the facts and studies that looks at how the older generation could impact mobility, vehicle design and technology.

The TRL Academy report, ‘Transport 2020: Addressing future mobility needs’, has been possible thanks to the range of TRL’s expertise, other industry professionals and a breadth of high profile projects that are testing and understanding how future mobility will work.

To learn all about how the future of transportation will look and the challenges the UK faces, download the report here.

Notes to Editors

TRL Academy Fellows are elected for distinction and world standing in transport and transport-related research. The Fellowship comprises a limited number of eminent individuals in transport and transport research, and was formed for the promotion of knowledge and the development of ideas and strategy in the field of transport. Fellows are appointed in recognition of personal distinction.”


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