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Case Study

Cheshire County Council

This document is designed to allow companies in both the Public and Private Sector, where a Call or Contact Centre exists to gain a better understanding of the benefits associated with installing Optymyse Advanced Wallboard and Employee Engagement Software. In this instance the solution being referred to is specifically designed to take real-time data from any AVAYA PBX where CMS and RT_Socket have been installed and adding metrics from QueueBuster.

Telephony Setup
Cheshire County Council is one of many organisations using AVAYA technology in their Contact Centre, in this instance the purpose of the Contact Centre was to be a single point of contact for citizens of Cheshire to receive County Council based services. The services provided by the contact centre includes enquiries and applications for Blue Badges, School transport and Free school meals, along with reporting of highways faults, a payment taking service and the provision of an almost unlimited range of General Enquiries.

PBX Software Additional package installed by AVAYA

9 (nine) flat screen TVs were mounted on walls, 7 responsible for displaying the real-time information from the AVAYA, plus key information from QueueBuster. In addition to Contact Centre Metrics the solution also allows Cheshire County Council to post instant scrolling messages and fullpage messages which can rotate in sequence with the Contact Centre statistics.

Performance Improvements
Just 2 weeks after Optymyse was deployed the customer reported the following substantial increases in KPI performance:

Statistic % Improvement
Service Level Increased by 29%
Average time before answering Reduced by 66%
No. of calls abandoned Reduced by 66%
Percentage Answered (of offered) Increased by 7%

Customer profile

Customer name Cheshire County Council
Installation Address Cheshire County Council, Dalton House, Dalton Way, Middlewich, Cheshire.
Post Code CW10 0HU
Web site address
Industry Public Sector (Local authority)
Population Circa 650,000
Number of employees Circa 32,000
Net budget for 07-08 Circa £375,000,000
Contact name Cheryl Parsons
Title Contact Centre Manager

SJS Solutions Profile
Founded in 2001 SJS Solutions have dedicated over 16 years to the improvement of contact centres across the globe. We take a consultative approach towards solving the biggest challenge facing call and contact centres today, the retention of good agents (CSRs).

According to Gallup just 31% of employees are engaged at work and an improvement in worker engagement of just 5%-10% can result in an increase of approximately 1,227 to 2,454 more available call minutes per agent per year.

Product profile
Optymyse is more than just a wallboard, it’s a completely new way to empower, engage and motivate your agents. To have the biggest impact we strongly encourage our customers to replace negative call handling metrics with Customer Satisfaction (CSAT) and Net Promotor Scores (NPS), and to move as far away from traditional wallboard or dashboards layouts as possible.

By using the latest REST API and Browser-Based technology we give our customers the ability to reconnect agents to their brands, remind them of core company values, be empowered, satisfied and most of all have access to the information they need to deliver positive customer experiences.

When purchasing Optymyse, the world’s most flexible wallboard software, customers also receive the tools, knowledge and support required to create amazing contact centers, filled with happy, engaged, loyal agents.

Business situation
Cheshire County Council wanted to improve the level of service being provided to the Public and felt that by giving agents instant access to the information available from both their telephone system, QueueBuster and improving communication with agents would help them improve their levels of service.

An additional driver was to alleviate the pressure endured by the management team who are micro managing teams to ensure they are aware of calls waiting and managing when breaks / lunch are taken in the light of calls waiting. Without this information or micro management staff may go for breaks when there are calls waiting and be available whilst there is a dip in demand. This meant that the supervisory staff were not able to focus on the other side of the role; looking at ways to improve the performance and moral within the contact centre.

The contact centre serves the local community with a wide range of services. There are large fluctuations of call volumes mostly outside the control of the contact centre and as such it is challenging or impossible to influence staffing to accommodate these peaks and troughs without either incurring high costs or resulting in long call wait times. It has therefore taken a high degree of supervisory intervention to manage the staff and ensure that the queuing calls are dealt with efficiently whilst providing a quality service.

Technical situation
Cheshire County Council had an existing AVAYA PBX plus CMS reporting package. CMS provides both historic and real-time reports but these reports are only accessible to managers and supervisors on a desktop PC and are not suitable for display on large TV screens. In addition to this, QueueBuster calls are reported via an external website, which means that managers have to look at two sources to view a full picture of contact centre activity. Agents would only know if customers were waiting longer than acceptable when a manager looked at the CMS reports and verbally made them aware of the problem, this issue was compounded by the fact that QueueBuster information was not being regularly viewed by management due to impracticalities such as website time out and the complexity of looking at multiple sources to get a complete picture. This would result in the situation where both managers and staff were unaware of the complete picture of calls waiting and wait times making it very difficult to provide an acceptable service to the public whilst planning both general staffing and also lunches and breaks.

Optymyse takes real-time information from the AVAYA via RT_Socket, feeds this information down the customer network to any number of wall-mounted televisions. Optymyse is all major PBX / contact centre solutions and is suitable for outbound “sales / activity driven” Call Centres as well as “service driven” Contact Centres. Optymyse instantly transfers data and information to TV screens via tables, simple values, virtual noticeboards, scrolling messages and threshold based alerts. In addition the Optymyse Screen Director puts the customer in complete control of all of these elements, thus reducing TCO. As was the case with Cheshire County Council SJS are able to blend data from multiple sources (CRM, WFM etc) and show this information on any device.

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Connect any hardware device/PC e.g. an Intel NUC, AOPEN Chromebox Commercial, Raspberry Pi 3 etc with an Operating System installed (e.g. Windows/Linux) to any TV, monitor or projector screen.

To view a screen design simply open a browser (e.g. Chrome/Firefox) on the hardware device and either open the Optymyse Director or type in the URL link for the screen you wish to view. (Each screen has a URL when it is added into the Optymyse Director).



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