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CESG Certified Cyber Security Consultancy scheme

First Group of Certified Companies Announced 

Stratia Consulting Ltd are proud to announce that after a rigorous paper-based and interview selection process it has achieved certification by CESG for the new Certified Cyber Security Consultancy scheme and is in the first tranche of companies to achieve this new standard with multiple Head Consultants.

CESG have stated that they are confident that companies achieving this certification have demonstrated a clear understanding of cyber security consultancy for Risk Management, Risk Assessment and Security Architecture.

A CESG spokesperson said: 'We're delighted to welcome Stratia Consulting to Certified Cyber Security Consultancy and confirm that they met our high standards for Risk Assessment and Risk Management services.  Together we'll be building a team of trusted cyber security advisors who will help the UK face the challenge of protecting information and staying safe online.'

Replacement for CLAS

With the CLAS scheme finally coming to a close on 31 January 2016, Stratia Consulting will be able to continue to help and provide CESG-endorsed cyber advice consultancy to HMG, the wider public sector, critical infrastructure and their supporting services under the new scheme and build on our extensive experience acquired under the CLAS scheme.

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