industry news Saturday 17 Nov 2018 @ 12:00 Changing Driver Behaviour and Improving Air Quality – RingGo Emissions Based Parking

RingGo’s Emissions Based Parking (EBP) is changing the behaviour of motorists across London: reducing vehicle pollution and improving air quality without complex and costly infrastructure or administration.  


Recently implemented by Westminster (Jul 17), City of London (Aug 18), and the Boroughs of Islington (Jan 18) and Camden (Jul 18), this world-leading solution enables local authorities to adjust their on- and off-street parking tariffs depending on the emissions, fuel type and age of the vehicle.

Thus newer – and cleaner – petrols and diesels can pay a standard fare, environmentally-friendly cars can be charged less, and the most polluting vehicles are charged more. 

Westminster City Council says that, following its first year of operation, there has been a 16% drop in usage of the most polluting (diesel) vehicles, with no obvious displacement elsewherei .  

If similar schemes replicate these results across the Capital (and other UK urban centres), the reductions of NO2 and particulates could be very significant. 

Inform, Advise and Educate

RingGo has worked closely with each of the Councils implementing EBP to deliver a variety of communications to inform motorists about the introduction of variable pricing. These include: social media, PR, text messages, online communications, leaflets and in-app messages.

The great advantage of RingGo EBP is the regular nudge to behaviour change with every parking session booked. RingGo informs drivers each time they park about the impact of their vehicle choice, encouraging them to use more environmentally friendly transport where possible, or foregoing the journey if a suitable alternative exists. 41% of car journeys in London are less than 2km – these are the high polluting short trips EBP is targeting.

Motorists see pop-ups highlighting the variable tariff due to emissions – or their VAT receipts will make plain that there choice has garnered an additional charge. 

These communications act as constant reminders of the impact of vehicle journeys on the environment and so by targeting both vehicle type and usage motorists are encouraged to make more responsible choices. As Councils across the UK are being expected to address air quality while still providing vibrant centres for business and leisure, RingGo’s Emissions Based Parking delivers a quick win and instant results. 


With 38 out of 43 UK areas failing EU emission levels and up to 40,000 people in the UK dying each year due to pollution, there is significant potential for RingGo EBP to be extended across the 45 local authorities failing to tackle the issue sufficiently.

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