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Fleet management experts see cost of living crisis drive public sector demand for salary sacrifice car schemes

22 October 2022: As the cost of living continues to rise, public sector fleet management specialist Knowles Fleet has seen a surge in the number of organisations adopting a sustainable salary sacrifice car scheme as a way to help their employees - and their business - save money.

Over the past 35 years, Knowles Fleet has implemented successful schemes for hundreds of public sector clients as a tax efficient way to offer employees an attractive benefit at zero cost and minimal risk to the organisation.

Each of Knowles’ schemes are personalised to the clients’ individual needs, focusing on cost saving, emissions reduction, and staff recruitment and retention at the core. This tailored approach is significantly boosting scheme take up to deliver maximum benefits for both the organisations and their teams.

Mid and West Wales Health Board, Hywel Dda is among 150 public sector organisations currently reaping the rewards of Knowles Fleet’s unique offering, having rolled out its scheme to 12,450 staff.

Gareth Skye, Business and Governance manager at Hywel Dda says: “The services, systems, level of knowledge and support provided by Knowles Fleet have been an essential element in our drive to reduce CO2 emissions and deliver financial savings across our fleets. This is particularly evident in the establishment and improved take up of our lease car schemes.”

Sustainability is a key focus and Knowles’ schemes can be restricted to hybrid and electric cars only. But with the current low Benefit in Kind tax on these vehicles, many employees are switching to EVs out of choice because they are cheaper to lease and run than petrol and diesel equivalents, despite the latest energy price rises.

With resource pressures being felt across the board, Knowles’ complete administration services also take care of all scheme set up and running, reducing client input to a minimum.

Lee Walker, managing director at Knowles Fleet, adds: “With more than 35 years’ public sector experience, we understand that every organisation is different - which is why the ‘off the shelf’ schemes many providers offer fail to achieve their full potential.

“Our tailored solutions are expertly designed to offer more employees access to an affordable, stress free way to drive a brand new, greener, safer car. In the current climate especially, this is a great way for employers to support their teams and reap significant business benefits along the way.”

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