industry news Wednesday 20 Apr 2022 @ 16:47 Gartner Report Predicts 2022: Governments Scaling Gains From Disruption

In 2020 and 2021, governments accelerated digital initiatives to respond to pandemic-induced operational disruptions. 

Now, they must challenge themselves to sustain and scale these initiatives.

This research highlights key actions for government CIOs to amplify digital gains and resilience.

Key Findings:

  • Governments have seen, firsthand, the power and benefits of digital technologies and the fragility of legacy technology during massive disruptive events.
  • Innovation, unexpected and sometimes unwilling, not only has changed operational services, but also is continuing to introduce new requirements for those services.
  • Imperatives for economic renewal have resulted in the creation of many national funds for recovery grants and investments, much of which are aimed at digital transformation.

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Adoption of Intelligent Automation in the Public Sector