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It Is The Season To Get Booking!

With Christmas now no longer just fast approaching but only weeks away (or days as my Facebook friends like to point out with their countdown clocks) our venue & events consultants here at Right Events are already keeping note of the various venue offers, themes and activities ready for when our clients are ready to book their end of year bash.

With the wealth of options available from the standard Christmas party through to more bespoke pop-up bars or activity filled evenings, we look to help with the decision-making process by understanding what our clients actually want and sourcing everything for their needs.

So, to guide you through the nightmare maze of Christmas party organising, we have put together some points that might (we hope) help a touch.

Where's the party at?

We all know the mantra; location, location, location; but with Christmas parties and, for that matter, any events it is arguably the most important piece of your event puzzle.

From a guest perspective, the location needs to be accessible and for an organiser, travel weary guests are unlikely to enjoy their experience as much as if they were a little more fresh-faced and ready to party.

When looking for a place for your big bash it is wise to think about what you are able to provide by way of entertainment for the evening, and the likelihood that unless you are planning to keep their attention until the wee hours, many guests will look to continue the celebrations way beyond their usual bedtime. With this in mind, a city centre venue or somewhere that provides for the more hard-core revellers might give you the option of pushing more budget into making the experience extra special by keeping your party slightly shorter but infinitely sweeter.

So! Who's coming to this thing?

Your event is only the sum of its human parts and your guests are what makes it a success so it's important to give as much thought as possible to who will be attending and how best to keep them happy and entertained.

If you have the location down your efforts turn to who you want to actually be there.

The obvious answer is ‘everyone’ so set your stall out to make the experience as inclusive as possible. In a rather contentious move, it is worth considering your guests interests but also the guest dynamic. Your industry and employee profiles are incredibly important to make sure you hit the right notes with your event. You may never please everyone, but it is far easier to please no-one and getting it right is vital.

So sensitivity is key, and knowing your guests will help you understand the direction in which your event needs to go.

“I Sooooo love the party… What we eating?”

There are only two things that stand out as the most issue raising elements of an event. Air conditioning (not usually an issue at Christmas) and food.

So if we assume that the winter weather has successfully kicked in, let’s focus on how to feed your hungry revellers.

At Christmas it’s easy and, almost acceptable to simply opt for the sit-down full Turkey dinner, with a good old prawn cocktail to start (I’m a huge fan though to be fair) followed by turkey and all the trimmings (also a huge fan) and Christmas pudding (also a huge fan and minus the hidden penny as no-one needs that Health & Safety report) but it doesn’t have to be that way.

If we have considered your guests we might have a good idea on what they would be most receptive to.

A formal or semi-formal sit down meal might serve you well and can be a real showpiece for the right time and audience, but an informal buffet with a more relaxed environment could do wonders for moral and networking.

Just consider; if you opt for a buffet, please make it a good one. We’re talking diverse foods, multiple dietary options and little mess. Your guests might not want a full three course affair but it doesn’t mean they expect some deep fried [option], peanut sauce covered chicken, over cooked beef, plain salad leaf and cookie dessert affair.

When I go to the bar, what can I expect?

The answer here is short and simple.

You need a bar with options!

The key rules: Don’t punish the non-drinkers. A partially free bar is great. A totally free bar is budget driven and, maybe, open to a sense check but whatever you have it should be modern and affordable.

Drinks (alcoholic and non-alcoholic) have come a long way. Expectation is that the beer lover has some great lager and ale options. The modern cocktail drinker wants variation and pallet entertainment and the non-drinkers just want choice (moktails are a good option) and not to be stung by over pricing.

If you can budget a free bar (which is not always wise for every industry) or at least give some free drinks to the revellers and, if possible, free drinks for the drivers, you can hit the nail on the beverage head.

Entertainment? I hope it's not Karaoke like last year!

Ok. So we threw karaoke to one side but, the rule of thumb for entertainment is; anything goes as long as it works.

Want to keep your audience until 12? Live music!

Want to keep them after? DJ

Want them to remember the day? Photo Booths! Always fantastic and an unexpected way of forming relationships.

Want them to have fun? Gaming tables or board games!

The possibilities are endless and that is why Right Events prides itself on delivering amazing event for its clients.

Whether it be now, November, Chrimbo or in the New Year, we will help you book your celebrations and make them a roaring success.

Let Right Events find your venue and help with your event and email or call +44 (0) 333 577 1131.

Let us take the strain out of your event.

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