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We have always known that our Key Workers are the heart and soul of the country, and in 2020 we’ve recognised and appreciated them even more by launching KEY WORKER CAR LEASING. But what is this I hear you say?

Well, simply put, UK Carline LTD wanted to say a massive thank you and have created an excellent bespoke vehicle leasing site just for you. You can lease from a nippy Fiat 500 to a Mercedes-Benz CLA Coupe.

And if you think you can only lease fossil fuel guzzling engines from us then you are strongly mistaken. We too are aware of the environment and how large and small cities alike are moving for clean air zones and zero emissions. If this is more up your street, then why not also check out our wide range of Hybrid and Electric vehicles. Times have changed and your classics like Volkswagen, BMW and Peugeot will help you move with the electric times.

  • Not only are you able to choose from such amazing bespoke lease deals created for you there is also no processing fee! Yes, that’s right. You work hard enough you don’t want to be paying £180 for your order to be processed.
  • “I mean leasing a car sounds like a lot of hassle” but is it though? The team behind KEY WORKER CAR LEASING have been around since 2001, we are experts in our field. We are dedicated at what we do and will always make sure our customers are treated the best and making sure that everything is hassle free. Don’t believe us? Why not check out our reviews.  These can be viewed on our profile at Feefo
  • We will also deliver your new lease vehicle to your front door wherever you live in mainland UK, free of charge. All deliveries will be in line with government restrictions and contact free to ensure your safety.

So what are you waiting for?.. Why not check out our site for some great value lease offers or call 01995 642458 or email us and one of our experienced account management team will be able to help you lease the car of your dreams.

Commercial Director Paul Lowdon Comments:

We have seen our company transform over the last 12 months with added focus on key departments within UK Carline. Being able to adapt and change quickly to cater for the ever changing demands and needs of our customers is paramount to our growth, our aim is to provide our customers with dedicated skilled teams that can offer our customers solutions that fit perfectly with their own plans and ideas. Our agility along with strong leadership throughout the company sets us apart from our competition and we hope we can give something back to our public sector businesses through our new venture - Key Worker Car Leasing.

Want to find out more? Simply visit our company profile on WiredGov

Alternatively, you can contact us directly:

T: 01995 642458 



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