industry news Tuesday 28 Mar 2017 @ 12:06 Latest White-Paper: How to accelerate local government transformation

Are local authorities fit for the 21st century?
Latest White-Paper: How to accelerate local government transformation 

According to the latest research, three quarters of local authorities now agree that their focus should be on outcomes, rather than service delivery.

Councils are well positioned to play a leadership role, enabling a shift to outcomes by taking a holistic approach and coordinating action across a range of organisations and sectors. As realisation grows that councils cannot operate in isolation if they are to tackle the challenges they confront (owing largely to austerity), partnership working is key, with councils increasingly achieving impact through influence, alliance and collaboration, rather than direct service delivery.

Communication-based technologies can provide cost savings, deliver a better citizen experience, and improve the way services are delivered in local government.

In this paper, discover:

  • How communications technology allows you to create a leaner, less costly and more productive council with better services.
  • How to ready your local authority’s business strategy for the digital age.
  • How to enable a responsive, flexible, mobile workforce within your local authority.

Unified communications and collaboration systems – from multi channel contact centres to web solutions – are at the heart of local authority transformation, helping councils do more for less.

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