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During the pandemic there has been a considerable uptick in the requirement for electronic bundles (aka “eBundles”) for use in virtual hearings.  This could be for litigation, arbitration, mediation, regulatory hearings.  Each use case may have different constraints and protocols, however the basic requirements are generally consistent with the following:

  • All documents should be converted to Adobe PDF format;
  • A master list of documents should be hyperlinked to all exhibits/annexes or other attachments;
  • Every page should be paginated with a unique reference number;
  • Ability to keyword search across the entire set of documents

It can be a daunting prospect on first reading of the hearing protocol.  If the process is performed manually it can take up a large amount of valuable time which would be better spent on preparing for the hearing itself. There is also the worry that the eBundle may not function correctly in the hearing room on the day.  Questions we often hear are:

  • How do I manage Excel spreadsheets or other document types such as technical drawings, videos?
  • What if I need to add or replace documents?
  • How can I share the bundle securely with my remote team or externally?
  • How can I be sure all the links are working?
  • Are the redactions I’m made permanent?

Sky Discovery offer a range of solutions to accommodate the preparation, creation and production of electronic bundles. Using automated tools that we have developed, our technical team can process the data into the required format quickly and consistently, greatly reducing the risk of human error and ensuring the bundle conforms to the protocol all documents are linked correctly.

We have the experience and knowledge in the complexities of electronic material which may cause problems in preparing these bundles. 

Additionally, there may be more advanced requirements such as managing very large data sets, the ability to redact documents, the need to collaborate and review the document online prior to the creation of the bundle. All of these factors and more can be accomplished with our electronic bundle service.


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